Specialty Balloons;

I do not twist at Birthday parties but if you want a centerpiece or balloon candy cup favors I can make them to fit the theme of your party and have them ready to pick up or be delivered. 

Candy cups generally run $5.-$8.00 each 

Centerpieces start at $15.00

Baby Bumps;

I do enjoy doing modest baby bump painting.

Bellies only

​please contact me for pricing

Simple Balloons;

typical of what you would get at events with long lines of anxious children.  1-3 balloon sculptures that can be produced quickly.

the pricing is the same hourly rates as my face painting.

Services and Pricing.

Face Painting;

For fairs and festivals I charge each person for the face paint they choose off my menu board. Typically my prices are $5.-$15.00 per face depending on complexity. For all other events my weekend (Friday-Sun)  price is $75.00 per hour (2 hour min), and $50.00 per hour weekdays (Mon-Thurs.)

I do offer discounts to schools and approved charities